UPDATE: It has been a year since the flood but donations are still needed and accepted. Read below to learn how you can still contribute. Thank you!

On June 23 and 24, 2016 constant rain and flooding overwhelmed many West Virginia communities.  The resulting floodwaters contributed to deaths of at least 23 people and created financial devastation for thousands of our neighbors.

Since this time, concerned citizens have shown their support and love for those affected. West Virginians, along with many,+ many others, have contributed donations, including food, water, cleaning supplies, and personal items.

Schools have been affected as well.  In several counties, students have lost supplies, and in worst cases, lost the school facilities that were the hub of their communities.  Places where students learned new concepts, explored the Arts and participated in sports teams and community organizations are no more. School band members have lost instruments, libraries are without books and athletic teams have fewer uniforms and equipment.

Many of you have contacted our association, seeking methods to support these schools and communities.  We are providing you with several organizations that have established flood relief efforts.  We invite you to explore these and others:




If you are interested in volunteering or getting a group of volunteers we suggest the following.  Also, many local organizations have created their own structures with the community.



  • School Supply Drive


  • The Education Alliance


  • West Virginia Secondary Schools Activities Commission*


The West Virginia Association of Elementary and Middle School Principals applauds your interest in providing aid to our friends and neighbors!